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Our premium courses are designed to completely transform your saxophone playing, and can be streamed anytime from our online platform.

Beginner Series

Our highly acclaimed beginner course. If you're new to the saxophone, this is the one for you!

12 Lesson Videos, PDF eBook and 200+ demo tracks.

24/7 lifetime access.

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Supercharged Saxophone

Break through the 'intermediate trap' and become a confident jazz & blues saxophonist by mastering your practice.

Play along with a live studio band, 35 + lesson videos and a 100+ page PDF eBook.

24/7 lifetime access.

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Our mini courses are affordable, and help you get the maximum transformation in the minimum time.

Learn Music Theory

This short course is designed for the aspiring saxophonist who has wants an extra leg up on their music theory.

3 lesson videos, PDF eBook and interactive quiz included.

24/7 lifetime access.

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Beginner Series - Starter Pack

Get the first 4 lessons of the SaxTuition  Beginner Series package.

Includes PDF eBook and mp3 demo tracks.

24/7 lifetime access.

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Our eBooks come in a user friendly PDF format and can be downloaded directly to your device after purchase.

Christmas Collection

Our SaxTuition Christmas Collection eBook contains 8 great holiday standards that have been specially edited and transposed for beginner saxophonists.

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