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Need to brush up on the fundamentals? Learn all of the essentials of saxophone performance with the SaxTuition Beginner Series!

This course is the perfect foundation for Supercharged Saxophone, and is highly recommended if you haven't mastered the basics yet or are returning after a long break.

You'll learn:

  • How to produce a beautiful, effortless tone
  • Every note and fingering across the normal range of the saxophone
  • How to read sheet music like a pro
  • Build a solid technical foundation

Course contains:

  • 12 x lesson videos
  • PDF eBook (68 pages)
  • 200 demo tracks, recorded on both alto and tenor saxophone


EXCLUSIVE BONUS: Learn Music Theory Mini Course

Never read music before? Fast track your saxophone progress with my simple 3 part mini-course which teaches you the essentials of music theory.

You'll learn:

  • How to 'feel' the beat and accurately clap rhythms
  • Easy shortcuts for memorizing note names and positions
  • How transposition affects your saxophone
  • How to combine everything together to sight-read music you've never seen or heard before!

Mini-course contains:

  • 3 x lesson videos
  • PDF eBook
  • Interactive music theory quiz

Supercharged Saxophone: Premium Edition

Smash the invisible barrier holding back your saxophone playing, improvise with passion, and unlock advanced techniques to rapidly transform your saxophone playing.

Supercharged Saxophone focusses on Jazz, Blues and R&B genres and comes with great, studio backing tracks to play along with!

Take your playing from intermediate to advanced and get out of the 'intermediate trap'.

Course contains:

  • 38 Lesson Videos - arranged in an easy-to-follow, modular framework
  • PDF eBook - 114 pages of great songs and exercises to play!
  • MP3 Demo Tracks - each song recorded with an incredible live studio band (alto & tenor tracks included) 

You'll learn:

  • Play jazz, blues & R&B - authentically, and uncover the techniques the legends use
  • Improvise great solos - how to play exciting, engaging, melodic solos on jazz & blues classics
  • Advanced techniques - altissimo, subtone, growls, overtones & more!
  • Build a bulletproof practice system - learn how to craft a highly effective, effortless practice routine


  • 2 x Private Custom Feedback Videos from Jeremy reviewing your playing in detail to help you overcome your roadblocks
  • Access to SaxTuition Private Facebook Group with even more tips, tutorials and inspiration, not available anywhere else
  • Priority technical support from the SaxTuition team 

PLUS - your purchase INCLUDES:

  • 24/7 Lifetime Access  purchase once, own for life
  • Free technical support from our helpful SaxTuition team
  • Email tips - free tips to improve your saxophone playing
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee full refund up to 30 days after purchase if the series isn't right for you 

Please note: Supercharged Saxophone is a digital course, accessible through the SaxTuition website. No physical products will be mailed after purchase. Box art for illustration purposes only.